If you are applying for Social Security disability benefits in Rogers, you will need to understand what sources are available to you financially while you are waiting to get your first payment from Social Security. If you are disabled, there are resources that will help you support yourself during the lengthy disability payment application process.

The best place to start if you are in need of help while you wait to get an approval for your disability benefits is your count’s department of social services. Each state offers different benefits, so you will need to find out directly from your local agency what you can qualify for. Even if the county will not provide you with benefits during this time, the DSS office probably knows who will.

If you were fired or otherwise lost your job before you filed for disability benefits, you may be able to qualify for unemployment benefits offered by the states. There is also public assistance that you can apply for if you need help during this period. If there aren’t other options, you can also borrow against the equity in your home, or take a home equity line of credit, to help support yourself until you begin receiving disability benefits.

While you are waiting for your Social Security disability benefits to be approved, you should avoid taking on new financial responsibilities, including debts or loans. However, if you do not have any other form of income and cannot get assistance from other sources like your family, a loan may be the most feasible choice.

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